The "Snihplod Cihtog", The Atrum Umbra Institute of Technology and The Pacific Transitional-Displacement Dolphins are supportive of this event. The Gothicus Dophinus Pod Structure attempts to share and exercise political and social power and to make decisions on a consensus-driven and egalitarian basis. This public event referred to in the above image will be "Snihplod Cihtog" endorsed event, mixing different elements together, to create darkness. The Transitional-Displacement Dolphin absorbs certain frequencies of light naturally, through movement and intention. Theoretically, mixing together the elements and people in the event at The Luggage Store Gallery, will absorb all visible light and create a great blackness or a "Atrum Umbra". The emotional response to an absence of light is intense within the Pod Structure, often effecting even the "swim alongs". In practice it is difficult to prevent any public mixture from taking on a brown tint.

(The actions of The Transitional-Displacement Dolphin are not be confused with a endorsement of collective consciousness, a term created by French social theorist Émile Durkheim. It is also not to be misunderstood as a cooperative (autonomous association of persons) as seen in the altruistic grocery stores that populate say Berkley, California. These organizations tend to focus on "natural" or "organic" food and are often times cursed by on site massage, a cornucopia of oddly selected fresh juice blends and brief auditory excursions into something referred to as "world music".)