Terry Gross was born in 1951. Gross grew up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn with her brother Paul. She has no children in which Gross has said is a deliberate choice (The Dark Promise) on her part. Due to her short haircut and interviews focused primarily on the arts, her sexual orientation has been publicly questioned but ironically her involvement in the Gothic Dolphins would go relatively unnoticed for years to come. She did mentioned that at one time she lived in a "commune", it was later learned that this commune was actually fully functioning "Pod", created by "Darkshadow" (Atrum Umbra) himself on the eastern seaboard.

She began her radio career in 1973 at WBFO, a public radio station in Buffalo, New York, as well as her relationship with the dark arts and watery shadow dances of the "Snihplod Cihtog". In addition, it is well know fact that in 1975 she moved to WHYY-FM in Philadelphia to host and produce Fresh Air. The oblivious and uncommon question of what exactly transpired between 1973 to 1975 is rarely asked of the studied interviewer. There is very little attention or focus placed on those trips by Gross to the West Valley and Malibu's First Point during the fall of 1973. It is speculated by some, that it was at this time that the Gothic Dolphin "training and placement program" was enacted. Certainly "Darkshadow" (Atrum Umbra) saw the bright and soon to be culturally relevant Terry Gross as a strategic move for his dark movement on the east coast. In contrast to her brother Paul, her national success and very public life has forced her to remain underground in a "Dark Sleep" (Atrum Somnus). Although undocumented, it said that her "Transitional Displacement Training" (TDT) most likely involved her brother. Paul Gross is a more documented and public Pod member who had a close relationship with that slender man wearing a bowl cut from Santa Barbara, George Greenough. Paul has been referred to as "key" to Terry's eventual involvement and high rank within the "Snihplod Cihtog", on both the east and eventually west coasts of North America.