The "Snihplod Cihtog" is a reward for a specific achievement, Darkshadow (Atrum Umbra) presents this award as proof of merit. They are most often awarded during full moon, at or near a negative tidal movement. Often, the reward given by the "Snihplod Cihtog": is not simply in winning it; rather, those who win it cherish the "Legacy of Artiodactyls Order" that is also implied by the possession of the "Snihplod Cihtog".

New members (Pod Mates) are typically referred to as "swim alongs" before they are considered part of the Umbra Delphinidae Family. They are typically not considered for the "Snihplod Cihtog" award. Membership in "pods" is not rigid; interchange is common. However, even "swim alongs" with in the Umbra Delphinidae Family can establish strong bonds between each other. Most people know only the structural meaning of "Snihplod Cihtog" they were raised with, which can result in homonymic conflict, a communicative conflict with people who use a different definition of the same spelling. This results in confusion, misunderstanding, and resentment between members of groups referred to as "Snihplod Cihtog", and members of the public. The simplest ways to avoid homonymic conflict are to learn more meanings of "Snihplod Cihtog" such as are shown and discussed here, and to ask "Pod Mates" what they mean when they use the word "Snihplod Cihtog".