We advise those rescued from the Gothic Dolphins to seek "exit counselling," which seems to be mainly standard counselling and psychotherapy allied to specific knowledge about the Dolphins. Psychological and frank psychiatric problems are readily acknowledged, but there is little analysis of the actual effectiveness of the method, and it is admitted that there seems to be little difference in outcome between those who leave the Gothic Dolphins ("swimaways") and those ejected by them ("castaways") We go on to state that "the general tone" of the work is reflected by frequent mention of the phrase "pod mate" to describe those close friends and family members who have joined the Gothic Dolphins, but little actual analysis of what types of individuals are prone to join the Gothic Dolphins; and/or the Dolphins leaders themselves. It is also stated that though it is hard to define a Gothic Dolphin specifically, "a useful concept is that the beliefs of the Gothic Dolphins are irrelevant: although the Gothic Dolphins are most often religious, they can also have political, psychotherapeutic, or Dark Age beliefs". He went on to state that the crucial issue is that "it is their actions which define them." The writting iterates that most often the motivations of the Gothic Dolphins are either to advance their leader ("Darkshadow") or the leadership's objectives or financial gain; but can often also be sexual ("Pod Play") and/or criminal in nature.