Windswell from a local pressure gradient over the coast of California is to be fading Sunday. A storm produced a 36 hr fetch of 50 kt winds and 38 ft seas off the Kamchatka Tues-Wed (12/5) with some form of inconsistent swell resulting on Mon (12/10). A weak gale was developing over the dateline region Saturday (12/8) generating 45 kt winds and 27 ft seas aimed between Hawaii and California. Some form of rideable swell expected Thurs/Fri (12/14). Of more interest is a storm forecast Mon-Thurs (12/13) starting on the dateline pushing to the Gulf of Alaska generating a small area of 45-50 kt west winds and 29-32 ft seas aimed well towards the state but from a pretty long distance away. Maybe something for next weekend. Theoretically another gale is to develop off Oregon on Thurs (12/13) too sending more energy down from a very northern angle, but that's far from certain.